Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Life, Part Two

I have lots to blog about regarding college life/transition skills. Remember my post about my student Leah? Have you wondered how she is faring in her freshman year of college? Well, I've been checking in with her a couple of times  a month to see how she is doing. Actually, I can just read on Facebook all the excited and wacky posts about college life and I can see that things are good. Nevertheless, I still wanted to check in with her and pick her brain on freshman life. I loved her email! I used her insight to help with my own College Day (did an intensive day program just this past week...) 
Here's what she had to say:
Dear Robbin.
College had most definitely been a fabulous experience so far. All of my professors are understanding and willing to give assistance if I am having trouble seeing and there are plenty of tuttering centers on campus to help out as well.
As for living with a roommate it most certainly is an adjustment  it takes time to get used to yet its fun because you always have someone around, I was lucky enough to get a roommate that was a fun person to be around and we get along. Everyone in my dorm is supper nice and friendly just about everyones door is always open and we all just hang out .
For dining, They  have the menu for   breakfast lunch and dinner online so you can expect what to be eating  the flow of getting around  to all of the food is quite easy theres a salad bar in the center and then different sections on the sides. getting around the dining hall the  best way would be walking with a few friends its fun and you can plow through easier.
Now for getting around the campus I for one like walking with my friends just for the sake of not walking by yourself yet when your walking to class make sure to map out how to get there before the semester starts this way you are not in a rush. I believe one thing that helped me the most  for entering college would be getting involved  wether its a sport or a club it helps making friends allot easier. My college experience has been super so far I hope this helps .
Leah :)

I wanted to post this because I think it helps parents by reading about successful (and sometimes not so successful) transitions. Leah was on the ball with independent living skills. That was a huge factor in her success. I am proud of my girl! I can't wait to see what else college life brings her!!

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