Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Call for blogs!

Hi friends,
     I hope that everyone is enjoying fall and that if you do celebrate Turkey Day, that you have a good one this week. This past week I received an email about a CVI focused website, Little Bear Sees. I checked it out and actually went to pass it to my colleagues only to find they already it. I enjoyed the site. I love when parents decide to help one another by passing along information. It helps remind everyone in our small but mighty community that we are not alone. Check it out, www.littlebearsees.com.
photo from smowtion.com
It got me thinking about all of the other blogs that our parents are writing. I've read a lot of websites especially those sponsored by large organizations. Most of them are super helpful. I have linked several of them to my blog so you can check them out. But after reading the story of how littlebearsees.com got started and another site that I have blogged about, wonderbaby.org, it really made me want to share some more family stories.
     So this is my official "call for blogs!!" If your family writes about your family's adventures in vision impairment land, please email me and share it. I would love to add it to my blog listing. We are all in this together. I love working with my families and this is another way that I can work with families in lots of places. It's one of the things that I am thankful for this thanksgiving season. I look forward to reading your blogs!!


  1. Robbin..

    I started a blog last year when my school age child suffered a vision loss. http://visionfora.blogspot.com/

  2. I started my blog a couple years ago when my daughter was diagnosed as legally blind.
    It's really a journal of every day in our busy little home!

  3. My son is two years old and blind. I write all about his adventures at http://thomasmarshalldoesitall.blogspot.com


  4. Hi, I actually just started a blog today about our visually impaired daughter. We just found out that she has CVI. She is 3 months old and it is all very new to us. I am hoping that my blog will be an outlet to share our journey of all our challenges and accomplishments. I would love to connect with other parents of the visually impaired. Thanks!