Thursday, August 19, 2010

From the Students . . .

Hey everybody,

My name is Savannah, I am visually impaired and deaf. I am 17 and have never been to summer camp before, until this summer and lets just say.... I wish I had come sooner. I have very limited vision in my left eye and in my right I can see half a pizza... that how the doctors put it... of course that never stopped me!

Enough about me, lets talk about camp abilities. Robbin and I had met last month at the LIFE camp (another camp for the blind or visually impaired) I had a blast and at the end of the week Robbin asked if i would be a counselor in training (CIT) and i of course said yes right away... i had no idea what life had in store for me.

After some research and a million emails I knew what to look forward to and I am really happy that i did this! I finally made a commitment to be a CIT so that I could inspire, help and share my excitement with the little ones. To be honest... i love the responsibility and getting to know all the campers.

The basic job of the CIT is to be of any assistance possible. Assist the teachers, staff, other CITs and campers. We are to help them physically and mentally, either way... we are to be their for them. Who knew that someone with so many impairments could be so kind and helpful... Oh wait...I knew! I can do anything I want to do and so can the campers.

My impairments have yet to slow me down and this past week has really proved that. I so hope that I inspired everyone of these kids and taught them that they could do anything that they put their heart to! Camp abilities has inspired me and I hope that I inspire the campers. I also hope that I beat Robbin at soccer! :-)

Robbin better run this camp next summer, all who agree, say I!

Thank you, Savannah

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