Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Ties

Note: Staff members from the Camp Abilities CT program are providing their insight on learning about working with children with visual impairments.

I was beyond amazed by the level of genuine interest on the part of families tonight at Camp Abilities Family Fun Night. Not only did parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents show up, but they truly got the chance to experience the games that their blind or visually impaired children have been learning and enjoying all week long. The kids got to be the teachers, proving their sports prowess in games like Beep Baseball and Goal Ball by simply playing alongside their families to demonstrate their skills. This gave the campers the rare chance to be the eyes for their sighted parents, teaching them as the children had been taught earlier. As cliche as it may sound, this is the most rewarding situation that a counselor can experience. After working with these remarkably gifted children for a few days, I got to "see" their dreams come true. The concept of having family around sparked confidence in even the most timid of campers. Staff was eagerly introduced to family members, linking us to them, as we build a bridge between home and the camp experience.

~Amy, Camp Abilities counselor

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