Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with mobility, part two

Here is another fun way for the whole family to be included on mobility skill development. Remember the game Twister? Twister is another great hidden treasure for devloping skills.

Here's how:
First, you will need the materials:
-A Twister game (I have also made a Twister without buying the game. I bought a shower curtain-type fabric from JoAnne Fabrics)
-Four different kinds of textures cut into the Twister circles. I have seen some people use the classic colors. I made mine based on textures so I have non-traditional colors like pink and orange).
-Hot glue (buy the industrial type of glue gun & glue).
-Braille labels & Perkins

Next, take your Twister board and put on the adaptations.

It is actually pretty simple once all the fabric has been cut. Once you have the circles, simply glue them onto the Twister board. Be sure to look for discriminating textures. I am showing examples of two different boards. Both boards follow the traditional Twister board colors.

You will also need to adapt the board. I included pictures of two different boards. You probably will have to adapt the spinner by bending it so it can pass over the Braille labels. You will also need to put a Braille label on each choice on the board. One of the boards pictured has a key that can be passed around to help students become familiar with the textures.

I am sure you might be wondering how playing Twister can help develop mobility skills. In a nutshell, games like Twister help children with directionality, spatial awareness, balance and it creates opportunities to learn about games that their peers play. The other bonus is that this is a great game for the whole family!

Do it at home: Make a Twister board together as a family. Plan a date to the fabric store. Ask your child to help with selecting discriminating textures. They can also make the Braille labels. Have a family game night!

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