Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something new...

Hi all!
This whole blog idea was sparked from the idea about sharing what I do. I L-O-V-E working with students who have vision impairments. It's the best thing for me. My students allow me to channel lots of random, creative thoughts into something awesome. My teaching philosophy is student-centered with a lot of involvement from their families. I love working with the families of my students because I believe in the power of families.
A long time ago, I had the idea to have a family center for children with vision impairments. I was living in Las Vegas and the resounrces were quite limited. It never really got off the ground sadly. I felt that if families could learn what the teachers were learning (from therapists, observations of their children, etc.), they would really learn the "instruction" technique. Long story short, I work in a job that allows me to combine individual instruction and family/team instruction.
I am part of a team. I cannot do my job without the help of the TVIs (teachers for the visually impaired), related services therapists (thank you to all the OTs & PTs out there), parents, paraprofessionals and mobility instructors. That being said, here's a snapshot of the ideas and thoughts from my brain. I work on the expanded core curriculum for students who have vision impairments.
Before I can start unloading ideas, read the intro posts. It's important that you understand the strategies and concepts of working with children with vision impairments.

Happy reading!!

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