Monday, May 31, 2010

Community Workshop

Last year I started a student group called the Student Advisory Council (SAC). I facilitate this group with a TVI & mobility instructor. The purpose of SAC is to have a student-run organization that provides peer support, leadership and education opportunities for children with vision impairments in middle & high school.
This past SAC meeting, we met with a town police department to give a workshop on how to work with people with vision impairments. Holy cow, did the students ROCK the workshop!! They educated the officers on technology, sighted guide and vision impairment simulation. It was a great opportunity for the students to shine and share with community partners.

Try it in the community: Empower your child to host a mini workshop of their own! They can do this for a variety of community partners such as churches, youth groups, scouts and protective services such as the police department. Some workshop ideas: assistive technology, sighted/human guide or vision simulation. Be "Vanna White" and stand in the background, help show off assistive tech or be a sighted guide.

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