Monday, May 31, 2010

The Expanded Core Curriculum in everyday life

Did you read the "read me first" link? The ECC is what I do! The first thing I want you to ask yourself is, how does the ECC look in my child's life? Take a moment and really think about this. This is kinda a trick question because even if you think the ECC isn't a factor, it really is. It's my job to help families/education team make the ECC an effective part of our students' day of day.

Remember, the ECC is comprised of several different components. Let's do a quick review of the parts:

  • Compensatory or functional academic skill, including communication modes
  • orientation & mobility
  • social interaction
  • independent living skills
  • recreation & leisure skills
  • career education
  • use of assistive technology
  • sensory efficiency skills
  • self-determination

*from the AFB article on The Expanded Core Curriculum,
Hopefully, you can see from this list that the ECC are items that a child with a vision impairment needs to help develop strong indepedence in the world.
Try it at home: Take a moment and reflect on the question: How does the ECC look in my child's life? I suggest you write your thoughts down. Then taking action! Meet with your team (maybe the TVI, O&M instructor or VRT) and how you can make the ECC is alive in your child's life.

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