Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashlight fun

Lights for your CVI Instructional Toolbox

Happy summer friends!
I found these fun flashlights at Walmart the other day and instantly knew that it would be the perfect addition to my sensory room. These flashlights come in a variety of different colors, red, blue and green and come in a variety of sizes (thin and fat ones). I like them because of their color illumination (they are so bright) and the variety of light options. They illuminate to a solid color (see pictures), blink and have true white light (so many fun options!!).  I bought the thin ones for about $3 a piece and the other ones for about $7. I loved how bright then thin glow sticks illuminated!

Flashlight for CVI kids
Place the flashlights on a black contrast board from APH to provide visual efficiency
 I also liked these lights because they are super portable! You can throw them into a bag and take them anywhere. I like to use them with the felt board from APH (available on quota funds). If you are using them in the classroom, you can also hang them or place them on the floor/desk. I bought some to use for my sensory rooms and my own CVI kit.

And just when you thought these lights were only for our CVI kids, let me tell you the initial reason that I purchased them: I bought them for nighttime for my current STEM Camp. I divided each group into a color. I gave the group leaders and students one color. Many of the students have good color vision and since the colors red, green and blue are distinctive, it was easy for students to see. We used them at night to walk back to the dorms. Students were able to follow the lights. Much easier than a whole bunch of white light flashlights that were shining everywhere. Note: these lights were used for identification, not for lighting the path. Group leaders had one main light to help with traveling safely. 


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