Sunday, June 5, 2016

Disney Movies Anywhere Includes Descriptive Audio Accessibility

Hello accessibility for our kiddos with the Disney Movies Anywhere App! 
This app has a built in feature that allows for audio descriptive service on many of Disney's movies and Pixar, too! 
How cool is that?! I love that major companies such as Disney are thinking about accessibility for our  community. This isn't the first time that Disney has had audio descriptive services. I blogged about this awhile back when I discovered it while watching a Disney movie with my kids. 
I found a few really good articles about this. Check this one out from The Audio Descriptive Project:

In case you are not super tech savvy, I found this great little video posted by on YouTube. It shows how easy the app is to use. 

I want to encourage families, teachers and students to continue to blog, Pin, share, etc. about when companies do these things for our community. Blindness and vision impairment is a small but AWESOME community and people can easily not understand the unique needs of our people. The audio description on these movies is playful and cute---perfect for young ears listening to the movies.  Different people may make these things happen so I definitely support everyone who makes accessibility happen for our community. Let's continue to support and recognize the advancement of accessibility for people with vision impairments!