Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nike Flyease...For our kids, too!

Have you heard of the line of shoes that Nike put out for kids with disabilities? They came out a bit ago but I thought it was a good idea to share it because I was worried that people in our community haven't heard about them.

Here's the story behind the Flyease:

I learned about them from our awesome friends, Kristi and her son Jimmy. Jimmy can't wear them (yet) because they were not available in his size.

Why Flyease? Check out this great article:

**Read this first before you go and buy these**
It is important for our kids to learn how to tie their shoes. It can be a very difficult skill to master. I have taught the (sometimes dreaded) shoe tying lesson several times. It requires concept development, fine motor skill work, practice and a cookie for stress! Encourage our kids to master this!! Work with your occupational therapist on this. However, we do have a population of students that cannot master this skill for a variety of reasons. It's tough to find slip on shoes as our kids get older (especially in high school). It's also really tough to find cool shoes for our kids (again, especially high school age). 
The price point is a little higher than a lot of parents would like to pay. They are about $100-$130. 
Here's the link for the most current offerings of the Flyease from Nike:

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