Monday, January 18, 2016

Color Up Your Windows

We have a long hallway that are all glass in our school. I wanted to find a way to provide some "life" to our walk that would be effective for our students. I loved the idea of stain glass but with the intricate design of it, it just ends up as visual complexity for most of my students. I kept looking for the beauty of wallpaper but not the complexity. 
Then I found Wallpaper for Windows and it was an answer to my prayers! 
The "wallpaper" has nice bold colors that are quite visible for my low vision students. The wallpaper is designed to work with the sun so it doesn't wash out color. In fact, it enhances it!

It comes in both a see through and matte finish. It is so easy to put up!! All you need is spray bottle, soap and water. 
Our boring glass hallway now has some fun life to it. I purposefully did not duplicate anything so that my students could use items for landmarks (O&M). Teachers can easily tell students to meet them at the red circles or blue squares, etc. 

I also loved the wallpaper because it gave my students with multiple impairments something to look at as they are wheeled through the hallway. These students can stop at different windows and have something fun to look at. 

You can also teach concepts like in/out, big/small, up/down, etc. with the different pre-cut patterns. 

I luckily have a whole glass hallway to color up but I thought it was worth sharing for any classrooms, bedrooms, etc. for students. It's definitely given my students something fun to look for, use as an attention getter for their vision and fun to gaze at. 
Here's the link to Wallpaper for Windows:
**The pictures don't do it justice. The colors are so bold and fun! It's not that expensive to buy so take a chance and order some :)

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