Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DeafBlind Resource

Hi friends,

How about we end 2014 with a blog post or two? I hope the holidays were fun for everyone. I wanted to share a resource that came to me from a lovely lady named Ramona Rice. Ramona has Usher's Syndrome. We were having a lovely chat one nice afternoon when she received a phone call in the middle of our talk. I watched her answer her cell phone with a device that I had never seen before. I immediately asked her what this hands free cell phone device was! She uses a device from Starkey Pro called Surflink. I asked her more about it because I was quite intrigued. She then showed me a little microphone that she could point in my direction to dial in on our conversation without the clutter of background noise. I have included information about this product. Ramona swears by it! She even told me about another device (from the same company) that helps her watch TV. I thought about several of my students with Usher's and thought about how they struggle with keeping up with conversations. I don't think this is a perfect fit for everyone but check it out. I watched Ramona (who has a significant dual sensory loss) do business on her cell thanks to Surflink.
Check it out!

Ramona coordinates some helpful resources for those who have Usher's Syndrome. You can find out more information about it here,

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