Saturday, December 20, 2014

CVI Target

Happy December friends! I bet everyone is on the go with holiday activities. I hope everyone has been buying up items for your CVI kits. I have been! I have also been doing a lot of work in our classrooms for CVI modifications. Here's one little project that I just finished up. I got the original idea from Pinterest (of course!). This idea came to me because the student I was making modifications for is in a wheelchair and has a head rest to support his head. I wanted to find a way to provide a good target that his team could present items without having the visual clutter in the background.

Here's the original idea and the site that I got the directions from:

Clearly the burlap color wasn't going to cut it but the idea was still gold! 
Here's how I modified it for this student:
My handsome husband and partner-in-crime did the building. It was all made out of PVC pipe. 
Easy to make! We didn't glue it so that I can take it apart and move it around. 

This is the back side of the target. I like the middle post because it allows me to hang stuff on it and use both sides of the target. 

Last I added the Christmas lights to attract his attention. He really responds to lights. Now his team can roll him up next to the target backdrop and work with him. Easy peasy and visually awesome to look at! 

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