Monday, February 25, 2013

Our ski trip hit the news!

Michelle and Jose are our resident snowboard gurus!
They are wearing their neon orange vests and rocking some serious Blind Pride!!
 Here's the highlights from our ski trip: 10 students took to Ski Sundown, 3 of them rocked snowboarding, 4 were newbies, 1 was the only that went gun barrel and 1 was a 5 year skier that rocks! It was a great time!! Again, the instructors from STRIDE Adaptive Sports were amazing!! We can't wait to do it again!
Sam, from the posts Around Town with Sam, heading off with his guide
We made the rounds with a few journalists. Here's the link for one of the stories that we were featured in:

Remember, skiing is a GREAT sport for people with vision impairments! Grab some skis, get an experienced guide and hit the slopes---there's still snow on the mountain!!

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