Wednesday, February 6, 2013

News & A little break for this Bee

Hi friends,
I am sorry that I haven't posted this past week. My big news is that I am getting married (tomorrow actually)! Yay me!! That means that this Bee is on vacation for a few days. I couldn't just leave you hanging though. A colleague, Matt, at work sent around information about the Braille Touch app. It has been released and is available in the app store.  The free version is very limited but gives you a good idea of how it feels to use the app. The upgraded version ($14.99) allows you to email, text, tweet or copy and paste what you type. Matt has found the app to be very intuitive and faster than the QUERTY Keyboard. Also, when using the app with Voiceover, you don’t need to double tap the keys. 

One of his Braille reading students tried it out today and loved it. The student even figured out how to type on it almost instantaneously (before hehad even finished explaining it to her). Pretty cool, huh? Thanks Matt for the tip!!

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