Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did you know about Disney World?

Hey friends,
I wanted to share with you an email I received directly from Walt Disney World Resort guest services this past week. One of my preschool teachers had asked me about a "disability pass" since I went a few years ago with mom. At Disney, we had a special pass that allowed my mom to enter Disney rides and attractions at alternative points that were more accommodating to her. I went to Disney directly to get more information. Their answer made me smile! Did you know about the Guest Assistance Card? When you look at the Disney site and read accommodations for people with vision impairment, it's kinda generic. You know, the usual descriptive services and Braille, etc. But the Guest Assistance Card is super cool! Are you now dying to know what it is since I am talking it up? Here's direct from Disney themselves the description of the Guest Assistance Card:

"The Guest Assistance Card is a tool provided at all four WALT DISNEY
WORLD Resort Theme Parks to enhance the service we provide to our Guests. It was designed to alert our Cast about those Guests who may need additional assistance. The intent of these cards is to keep Guests from having to explain their service needs each time they visit an attraction. The Guest Assistance Card is available to our Guests with non-apparent, special assistance needs. Depending on a Guest's need, this card may provide a variety of assistance such as allowing Guests to wait in a shaded area or providing admission to our attractions through auxiliary entrances, where applicable. The intention of this card has never been to bypass attraction wait times. A Guest with a specific need for assistance can request a Guest Assistance Card at any Theme Park Guest Relations location upon arrival. A doctor’s note is not required. To accommodate the individual needs of our Guests, we ask that all Guests discuss their assistance requests with a Guest Relations Cast Member prior to the card being issued. The Guest Relations Cast Member will discuss the available service options with the Guest and provide written instructions for our Cast on the Guest Assistance Card. The Guest will be directed to present the Guest Assistance Card to the Greeter or first available Cast Member at the attraction and await further directions for their experience."

I highlighted my favorite parts of the answer in bold. This is great for our kiddos with Albinism and other kinds of vision needs that need to wait in the shade or have issues with transitioning from being in the bright sun light into the dark attractions---so many of our kids' vision issues that are "invisible" but still need accommodations help. 

Like my Disney pic? This is from my mom's 50th birthday party to Disney. We went on her actual birthday (back in 2009). Disney is special to my mom because it was one of the last places she went when she had vision as a kid.  Thought it would be fun to share with everyone!

Have some fun at Disney!


  1. Thank you for this post. We have been to Disney before with our daughter Finley, and used a pass because of her vision impairments. But never this one where we didn't have to explain. That would be great! She does have trouble with bright sun and transition from light to dark, so this would certainly help! My question - can you still sit in the handicap seating area with this?

  2. That's a question for Disney but I do know that when I went with my mom we were still able to be in the handicap seating. My mom was in a wheelchair though for Disney so we had a different access point. They took a day or two to reply to me but they did reply so be patient if you email. I also sat on the phone for over 10 minutes so I say email is the best way to go!