Sunday, October 28, 2012

AT Resource Find

This may be one of several posts since I am off work tomorrow due to the hurricane. I've got lots to catch up on with you--missed you! I was stopped the other day by one of my fab TVI colleagues and she was raving about this AT workshop she attended. She told me that I would have loved the presentation as the  woman was a hoot and had the best little ideas. I want to create a league of us creative ones and come up with our own "Avengers". Wouldn't that be so fun? A resource pool of all of us. Just a side note....

Gail handed me this book and swore I would love it. I perused through and was giddy with excitement when I saw all the resources! I am no true AT expert but love how user friendly this guide is. The solutions are easy peasy and they even provide a shoppers' guide on where to get the goods. I photographed a few pages to give you a feel of the resource including the contact information. From what I read, I think this is a sweet little AT resource for our kiddos with multiple impairments, MIVI/deafblind, ASD/VI, etc.


  1. This is great! I don't know where you are located, but our favorite preschool TVI was Gail - she was in Connecticut. Loved her!!! If it is my friend Gail J. tell her Jennifer and Finley said hello and we miss her!

  2. This is other preschool Gail in this post but YES, I do know Gail J! She is another one of my fab talented colleagues. I will extended your message to her when I see her around the agency :)