Thursday, September 27, 2012

Resource for Early Childhood

Hey friends,
This week I am presenting a new presentation on "play" for early childhood at our agency. I love new topics because it gives me a new direction to research. I spent some time reading a lot of articles and found some nice little gems that I knew I had to share! 
This is the first one of many more to come in the next week:

The article is General Considerations in Working With Young Children with Vision Impairments. I love this article because it does a great job of teaching about concept development for our kiddos and its broken down into topics and strategies (that you can do, no degree required!). 

I love this article! Not only is it super reader friendly (parent friendly too!!), its got some great tips in an easy to understand layout. Save this one and share it with your team. Better yet, create a new folder of favorites because I am going to be posting some great reads that you will want to save and add to your vision bag of tricks. This is a great resource for vision professionals to share with colleagues, teams and families but it's also great for parents to keep in their vision bag of tricks to share with teams as well. Don't forget your related therapists like OTs and PTs!!


  1. I am very interested in reading this article, but the link doesn't seem to be working! I have tried in both Explorer and Chrome.

  2. Oh no! Go to Type in "General Considerations in Working with Youth and Children with Vision Impairments" in the tsbvi search box (on home page). The article will come up that way (I just tried it out to make sure!!) Good luck! Let me know if it doesn't open.