Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School Organization Plan

Hello my blog friends!! Happy back to school!! I am back from camp and vacations and ready to return to blogging for you. 

I did this lesson that I am posting about over the summer to help get one of my students off to a good start with organization. He was struggling with organization and that next leap into responsibility. I came up with a written organization contract that will keep not only him but his para focused on what he needs to do. 

My blog note: I am sorry the picture is hard to see. I must have saved it a million times in different locations, rotated it, etc. and I STILL couldn't get it to upload landscape!!

How this organization plan works:
  • A copy of this is handy for him to review. He can also use this as a checklist. I suggested a few different ways you can do this: put it on large index cards and laminate them then put it on a key ring, tape it in the locker, put in folders, etc. 
  • It's organized into categories so it's more of a step-by-step deal: 
    • Things that the student has to organize--The para doesn't do this at all! This is a list of things that the student must take stewardship for. You want to create this list with the student so that there is buy in and accountability.
    • What you need in your plan--This the guide for the para and anyone else on the team that needs to know how this plan needs to happen. The parents are also good people to have on this part. This is also a working list of things that the student and his para need to do. 
    • Supply list
      • Have a quick reference list of the supplies that the student needs to have ready to go. 
    • Responsibility Contract--
      • A list of what the student is responsible for and what the para will do.
Everything else is written down on this plan (see picture below). I used the student's 20/20 pen and paper so he could definitely read it.

Remember what it says at the bottom: KEEP IT SIMPLE! EASY TO FOLLOW! No more than four bullet points per section! Keep it written in a way that is not visually overstimulating (that's why I suggested the index cards on a key ring). 

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