Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beep Kickball!!

I know what you are visited my blog this past week and were bummed because I hadn't posted anything new. I know, I know, but I had good reason. This past week I purchased two new beep kickballs and took them to camp to try them out and now I am blogging all about it. I got word of beep kickball and was definitely intrigued about it. After all, who doesn't love kickball? We gave it a test run this past weekend program and it was a huge hit! Our students loved it! They had a great success rate. Here's all the info on beep kickball. 
First, here's the site where you can purchase the beep kickballs and get more information:

Second, here's the beep kickball:

And this is how you play:
 Beep Kickball Guide
 Compiled by John Peralta, Adapted PE Teacher, modified by Judy Byrd
        Six (6) innings of play, unless more are needed to break a tie.
        Three (3) outs per inning. An out is made if the ball if fielded before the runner gets to his or her padded cylinder (Beeping Bag/base).
        A kicker is allowed three kicks. Fouls count as kicks.  The third kick must be a clean miss. The umpire hands the kicker the beeping ball and the kicker may place kick or drop kick the ball starting with his foot on home plate.
        First and third bases, four foot padded cylinders with speakers, are placed 75 feet down their respective lines and ten (10) feet off the foul line.
        A kicked ball must travel at 30 feet to be considered fair. A kicked ball that does not reach the 30 foot line is considered foul. A ball that travels one hundred feet in the air is considered a home run.

        VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW FIELDERS NUMBERS. Vests with numbers may be helpful.
        Six players on defense with numbers starting with  the first baseman as one; two, right fielder; three, middle; four, left fielder; five, third baseman; and six, back fielder.
·        There are two sighted spotters positioned in the outfield, one on either side of the field (one field spotter is also allowed, positioned in center outfield). These people are very important to a team’s success. They need to make quick and accurate calls (fielder’s numbers) to where the ball is heading. Ex (ball is hit towards left field the spotters most yell 4 so that all fielders move towards the ball).Spotters may only call out one number if they call out more than one number the runner is awarded the run. 
 Modification for elementary aged kids:

 Foul arc is 25 feet, bases are 60 feet and home run is 75 feet.

The beep kickballs cost about $100. All the proceeds go directly back to the organization. They are very nice there and work hard to provide opportunities for our kids to play. We loved it and will definitely be playing it at Camp Abilities CT this year!!

Our adventures of beep kickball:
My fave APE teachers who teach at our programs wearing our beep blacked out goggles with our base.

We had a teachers vs. students game. Here's one of our PE teachers up to bat. 

Students listen for the base and then run towards it. 

We use an APH Sound Source for a better sound with our bases. 

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