Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awesome Resource!

Hi blog friends!
Whew!! Time has just been flying by for me so my apologies for not posting my usual Tuesday night post. I was so excited to be at Perkins School for the Blind's Early Connections conference. Two of my super fave students came up and helped me present as well as spoke on a panel discussion. I couldn't have been more proud! I have also recorded another webinar for AER with Justin A. Haegele (super fave APE teacher) so feel free to collect some CEUs or just some good ideas and check it out.

Anyways, back to business! I have an awesome resource that I want all of you to bookmark on your favorites that was sitting underneath my nose and I didn't even know until this past Perkins conference! Two of my super fab colleagues, Gail Feld and Gigi Whitford (CVI gurus and great TVIs) have put together a website called the Tip Sheet of the Month (and more!). Now I have seen some of these tip sheet handouts when we have collaborated on projects before but I had no idea that they had a whole website with resource treasures!

An example of one of their awesome handouts:

And another example of their handouts:

Go and download them with their expert advice and tips for the home and classroom on their site. Then make sure you add it to your favorites and check back each month. This is a great resource for general education teachers, special ed teachers, families, paras----I could really keep going! The other special spark about Gigi and Gail is that they are CVI gurus so there are lots of special notes and advice about that and you can email them about their handouts. Love this resource!!

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