Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hand Under Hand Instruction Resources

I came across these instruction videos while I was scouring the web for really good hand under hand instruction (HUH) videos. Teaching hand under hand is so crucial and mastering this technique is a little tricky. I found these for my March RT for the OT presentation that I do yearly for OT/PTs. There are also other videos and really good resources on the site but I love the HUH ones.

The videos are from the Washington Sensory Disability Services.
 Here's a link directly to the videos:  http://www.wsdsonline.org/deafblind/huh/huh-overview.html. Sometimes the hotlink doesn't always work so you can also go to their webpage, www.wsdsonline.org and hit the tab "videos". These are some sweet videos so save this to your favorites tool bar! They have all the right instruction pieces built right in. 

I've also included a link to another helpful article about HUH from FamilyConnect.org. The family friendly article is: http://www.familyconnect.org/parentsite.asp?SectionID=75&TopicID=351&DocumentID=3822

A lot of people may think that HUH is just for children who MIVI or DB. But I use HUH with almost all of my Braille reading students including those who are MIVI, DB and ASDVI. It's just the best way for them to "see" what's going on. In fact, that's my prompt language when I am going to do HUH. I ask my students if they want to "watch me do it". They just pick their hands up and I slide right under them. 
A small side tidbit about HUH that has come up a lot when I have been working with OTs: how do you do HUH with preschool? Their little hands are just so small (and cute!!). Here are a few ideas: hook up under their pinkies and let their hands follow with you prompting from the pinky. I will sit facing them instead of behind them so that their little hands can see what my fingers are doing. Or  I will prompt at their wrists and guide that way. As I write this, I realize that it is a tad tricky to understand if you don't get it. I will do my best to find a preschooler who I can take some pictures with and post them. Until then, watch the videos (again and again). HUH is my ultimate tool when teaching so many of my students. It takes time and practice to get the finesse of it down. Good luck!


  1. Excellent! I didn't even know about this "method", although we have been doing it since our daughter joined our family just over 3 months ago. She just turned 7, had been housed in an institution of severely disabled children for 6 1/2 years even though her only "disability" is being blind. She is amazing! However, she really does not like to explore a lot of textures and definitely does NOT like animal furs, cold or sticky textures. When we encounter anything that she is not comfortable exploring, we have done the hand under hand as a way to carefully let her see something. A bird, a goat, pie dough, etc. Sometimes she will allow a fingertip to explore for a second, so for now, that is fine with me! I touch it and her little finger gets brave and peeks at the object.

    Love your ideas!!!!

  2. We need to stay in touch!! HUH is seriously the secret weapon for teaching and not everyone can do it!! I will look for more resources to share to help you with getting this down. The videos from WSDS are really good and you can learn a lot from them. When she is nervous about touching things, move to HUH and let her just follow you. Don't worry about if her hands are in the "right place"--just let her follow your hands. She might be hesitant to engage initially but as trust develops and she understands what is happening, she will engage. I also have a great posting on this from Van Dijk so check it out. Keep in touch!!