Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Target Find!

I kinda just think I should give Target their own label because I am always finding steals and deals at Target. I found another one in the Easter clearance section tonight. Yep, it's plastic Easter eggs! Why eggs? Because this is a great bilateral hand skill activity! Putting eggs together, finding things inside of them, opening them up and dumping them, etc.The possibilities are endless! AND it's not just for the Easter holiday! Get a medium plastic sweater box and put it on a kid table and fill it with Easter grass (also on sale!) and have the preschoolers go for an egg hunt. Are you thinking that the sweater box also doubles as a defined work space? Because it does! You can also work on systematic search patterns and mobility and spatial concepts as well. I actually suggest you put the box on a table and take away the chairs so the student has to stand and walk (or trail) around the table to do activities. Lastly, throw a finish box on the table to make it a complete activity and viola! You are ready to rock!

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