Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good deals and steals at Target THIS WEEK!!

This Tuesday blog day I have TWO great posts to share. The first one is about my finds today. I was shopping at Target this evening and found two great deals and steals that I had to share!!
The first one is from the dollar bin section. It's $2.50 for these dip and chip trays aka sorting trays!! Do you love the bright yellow? Hello CVI!! They also have white, pink and blue. When I was a deafblind teacher, I loved sorting trays! These are such a steal at $2.50!

The next one is instantly great because it is 50% off! These are winter sleds. My Target has a ton of these because we have had almost no snow this year (don't get me wrong, I am not complaining!).  The sleds that I am blogging about are the circle disk ones. They are on clearance for $2.98!!
Why are these a steal? Because they are perfect little defined spaces for preschool!! You can sit in them or flip them over and have some fun (so many ideas---hide things under them, put balls in them when sitting in them and let them roll around, I could keep going...).


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