Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cinema Without Sight

Sometimes I just get giddy with excitement when I discover new ideas or projects for out kids. It just makes me smile to know that there are people across our great country and in other parts of the world that are pioneering new ways of thinking or redefining how people view our small but mighty community of children (and people) with vision impairments. 

I have recently been viewing on Youtube video snippets from the Cinema Without Sight festival and I have been LOVING it! I feel so inspired and happy watching all these clips! :)

What is Cinema Without Sight? Here's an excerpt from their site:
"Cinema Without Sight (CWS) is a unique film festival sponsored by Braille Institute for visually impaired students in grades 7-12. It challenges participants to apply their creativity and shepherd a film concept from script to screen. The goal of the program is to enable students to contribute their own unique perspective to society, thereby demonstrating how well they are able to interpret and engage in visual media."
Their site address: http://brailleinstitute.org/Services/Children/Cinema_Without_Sight_Film_Festival.aspx.
I've also posted it in a separate post today (just in case you feel you are not too tech savvy...).
You can see a full list of clips and winners, etc. as well on their site. Here's the shortcut:

Here is the link to the Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X8WBUX6p7o.
I also viewed this clip (also on Youtube), titled "Blind Ambition: A Life Without Vision".

Have some fun and enter a video! The deadline is May 1, 2012!!

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