Thursday, May 19, 2011

USABA Seeks Judo, Track/Field Athletes (Ages 12-19) for 2011 IBSA World Youth and Student Championships

Hi everyone,
I am posting this email I received today from USABA. This is a great opportunity! All contact information is included in this post!!

Dear Friend of USABA;

We need your help with getting the word out on an outstanding opportunity for young athletes. This year (12-17 July) the United States Association of Blind Athletes will host the International Blind Sports Federation World Youth and Student Championships in Colorado Springs. Athletes ages 12-19 who are blind/visually impaired (B1-B3) from over 20 countries will compete in Track and Field, Judo and Goalball. In past years, this has been not only an outstanding sports opportunity, but also a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for athletes to meet their contemporaries from around the world. This event has been the catalyst for many athletes to continue on in sports to compete on collegiate, national and Paralympic sports programs.

This event isn’t a sports education camp-type of program—it is an international competition for up and coming youth athletes—but our experience has been that there are many blind and visually impaired youth in the United States who are competing in sports programs in your schools or programs who would excel in this competition.

Our challenge is—and this is where we need your help—is getting the word out about this opportunity. Although we reach out to athletes through our website and membership database, there are many young outstanding athletes in your schools, who participate programs in your agencies, or that you may be aware of through other means that we are still trying to reach.

Can you help us share the word about this opportunity by sharing this information with athletes, parents, coaches, teachers, recreation/sports program managers or anyone else who can help us get the word out?

We’ve had many takers for goalball and because it’s a team sport, limited to 1 boy’s and 1 girl’s team, numbers were limited and required us to conduct a separate selection process. However, we are still looking for track and field athletes and judo athletes for this competition. Unfortunately, this year there was enough international interest for us to be able to provide a swimming competition. I’ve attached a flyer to this email that provides a little more information about the competition and lists sports contact points. If you have questions or are looking for additional information, please don’t hesitate to call me or send me an email. I

Although we’re looking for track/field and judo athletes for this specific competition, we’re always looking for athletes who may be interested in our other sports programs as well including, swimming, tandem cycling, goalball, powerlifting.

We thank you in advance in helping us get the word out.!


Sports Director

United States Association of Blind Athletes


Phone: 719-534-3805


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