Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
This week my post is a poem written by a mom of two children who are deafblind. I had the pleasure of teaching her son for many years. I have this poem and pictures from teaching days with him on my desk. This isn't just a poem to me. It says so much about how I feel about my students and her son specifically.

To all my moms who are out there watching lessons with teachers, standing up for their children's needs in IEP team meetings and loving their children enough to not step in and help them but let them go on their own, this is is especially for you!

My Hands
By LH, Mother's Day 2003

I don't talk like most people do-
My hands help me to talk to you.
My body is different-don't be concerned.
I've been sent to this Earth where I can still learn.
My eyes can't see and my ears can't hear-
But I can feel your spirit so you need not fear.
Dont' be afraid to put your hands in mine
To say "hello" or that you're doing "fine"!
A simple hug, a hold of myhand-
My parents and teacher can help you understand.
You don't have to remember, sometimes we forget.
Just keep on tryin' and you won't reget.
Someday I'll thank you for not passing me by
Because you were not busy and decided to try.
A brother, a sister, you helped me to see
That I'm a child of God in His Eternity.

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