Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under the Same Sun

I am inside all day due to the recent snow storm that hit New England so I thought it would be a perfect day to post some more sites & resources just in case some of you are stuck inside all day, too.

This one is called Under the Same Sun. It's a project designed to help people who have Albinism in Tanzania (and in other countries). Currently, my agency is collecting sun screen to send to Tanzania.

From their site: "Under The Same Sun (UTSS) Fund is investing significantly within Tanzania to improve the lives of Persons With Albinism (PWA) by establishing a well staffed office and resource center there. Our primary focus is on advocacy and education as well as assisting PWA to access external information, education bursaries, health care and other community supports available to assist with their genetic condition."

There is some interesting reads on their site. I will forewarn you that some of the material may be difficult to read. People with Albinism have been the target of some ugly human crimes. It was very difficult for me to read about especially because I have so many of my favorite students with Albinism. But it is interesting and inspired me to help be part of the solution and support UTTS's efforts to help.

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