Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Braille Bug

I have a favorite fun site to share. It's the Braille Bug from AFB. It's a great site for several reasons: if you are general ed teacher, this is a great source for blindness awareness, if you are a newbie Braille reader, there are fun games to practice your skills, if you have siblings of your little one who b/vi, this is a great site....the reasons are endless!

I have to be honest, I have played the Harry Potter jumble quite a few times!

AFB also makes a book, The Braille Trail, which I love to use when I am teaching about Braille. It's got fun activities and explains Braille easily.

Have some fun and check it out! It's a great family site or classroom project site.

Do it at home: Check out the site! Play some of the games. You can change the colors of the site, write your name in Braille, learn about Louis Braille and read a special section just for teachers and parents. Have fun!!

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