Friday, December 1, 2017

Teach ECC Using a Daily School Schedule

Hi friends! I wanted to share an easy way to teach the Expanded Core Curriculum: use the daily school schedule! This gem of an idea comes from our talented preschool teacher, Sandra. I was visiting her classroom and saw her fantastic display. I saw her daily schedule and immediately started seeing ECC areas popping out everywhere!
[Picture #1 description: a daily schedule in the formation of two Braille cells. Each dot position has a print and object to represent a part of the day. ]

Check out the close up pictures of the Braille cell formation schedule.  Each dot position has a tactile object, large print and Braille. 

This daily schedule chart is oozing preschool to early elementary ECC concepts! Don't think that this is just a daily schedule. It is an easy way to embed ECC instruction.
 Here's just a quick overview of ECC areas that are covered by this schedule:
compensatory skill areas (more than just the Braille formation, think about concept development, organization, etc.)
career education (following a schedule, the chore chart, etc.)
ILS (time management, responding to the cue with the appropriate action)
orientation & mobility (spatial skills development; knowing the location of the center or activity)
recreation & leisure (following rules--you have to know how to follow rules when playing or participating in a recreation activity)
social interaction skills: the social discussion of what is happening during the day, turn taking)
self-determination (identifying what they can participate in; seeing how they are part of activities)
assistive technology (students can use low tech devices and pre-concept techniques for accessing information)
sensory efficiency (using all senses for concept development. I also want to point out the contrast that Sandra used. It is not a visually complex schedule for students to look at.)

Check out the accompanying chore chart. Chore charts are not unusual in classrooms. This teaches career education. I always want to encourage teachers to use chore charts and assign meaningful chores for students to do. This helps with concept development and foundation career skills. 

I love sharing easy ways where ECC skills occur naturally. That's the key to ECC instruction: find routines where ECC skills naturally occur or are naturally embedded. Hope this makes you think twice about using a daily school schedule!

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