Saturday, January 21, 2017

Transition Activity Calendar

Transition is a big topic for our youths with vision impairments. There are a lot of great new resources for education teams to work on transition. I want to share this awesome resource from the National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC) on Blindness and Vision Impairment. They have an amazing activity calendar that starts at middle school age. They have a link for an overview on the Expanded Core Curriculum (I love that!).  The activity calendar comes with a download version for Word and helpful information links throughout the calendar. Everything on the calendar is reader friendly so it is all easy to understand and use. 

I highly recommend this transition activity calendar to all families and education teams. There are so many great activities to help prepare for transition. Remember that transition does not mean employment only. Transition is about helping our youths move from education world to adulthood. I love that the transition activity calendar starts at middle school. It's a great place to start because waiting until 16 years old can be too late. There are so many experiences and skills that our youths need to have (and refine) to become successful, independent adults. 

Here's the link (bookmark it, share it, use it!):

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