Friday, September 16, 2016

College Success Mentor Program

I was at the AFB Leadership Conference this past February in Washington DC and had the great opportunity to hear about the launch of this new program through Learning Ally. Learning Ally has been around for awhile (formerly known as RFB&D) and provides books to download.

Learning Ally logo
I loved hearing about this new program that provided support, instruction and mentoring for youths with vision impairments as they prepare to go to college or are in college. They have a set of curriculum that include topics such as how to speak to professors and partnering with using the disability resource office. They also have thousands of textbooks to browse through.

blind young man
A young man who is blind stands with a friend in his graduation gown
I highly encourage transition age youth (and new college students) to sign up for this program. I especially like the mentor system that they have. You can read about their bios on their site and then sign up for one. Mentoring is such a powerful tool for our kids to learn the tips and tricks of being successful in college.

Here's the link:

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