Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On the go!

We recently had our early intervention family camp and oh man, did I see some good ideas and meet some great families!! I have so many fun things to blog about that I had a hard time choosing what to start first with. I met this great mom, Angela, the first night of camp. I was instantly drawn to her cute little girl, Abigail, in this wagon. I instantly noticed it because lots of parents were there and pushing their kids in strollers. Angela had her son (about 1 1/2 years old I am guessing) in tow. I inquired why she chose a wagon. Abi was sitting in her tumble form chair relaxed and taking all the activities in. Angela showed me how easy it was to put her son right in the wagon and tow the both of them. We chatted and I went on with my work at camp. 

I saw them later that night and just couldn't stop thinking about what a neat idea this wagon was. I got to thinking about how many other families use a wagon for parades, vacations, etc. to tow their little ones. I also thought about how cumbersome a stroller can be (as I am still using one for my sweet little girl). Angela told me that she purchased her wagon from Costco for about $50. She also has another one that is a Radio Flyer. I know that sometimes when you have a child with impairments it feels like you are always standing out. It can be hard to lug around equipment, rangle other children and take care of everyone's needs. I liked this because this wagon is something that lots of parents use for things. I felt like it kinda took away some "stigma". I also thought about visual needs and how sometimes when I am pushing my daughter in our stroller the sun hits her and I can't move the shade down far enough. I love that Angela could just reverse the seating position of the tumble form so that Abigail isn't facing the sun.  

Just as I was pretty sure that this was the coolest thing I'd seen at camp, Angela showed me how easy peasy this wagon is to fold up. She did this all by herself in about 2 minutes max! She unbuckled her girl, lifted her up with one hand, picked up the tumble form chair and then grabs this handle and the whole wagon folds up into a compact square. She did it all with just one hand!

I found out that Angela writes a blog about her beautiful little girl. Here's the link: http://abigailsepilepsy.blogspot.com/. It's worth your time to check it out. Thanks again to Angela and Abigail for sharing your great idea with us!

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