Monday, April 6, 2015

Add this to your calendar box tool box!

Hi friends, happy spring! I am happy to share this product and encourage you to add it to your teacher resource toolbox. This is a great find for making calendar box items. I found out about this awesome find while visiting our preschool classroom and the teacher, Tammy. Are you still wondering what this great product is? See picture below for the name and what the box look like. This high gloss finish protects and preserves items. I found it on Amazon for about $65 plus tax (a large bottle of it). I found the one pictured below for $14.99 from Hobby Lobby. This finish is like using 50 coats of varnish (description from the manufacturer). 
But why did I get so excited about this finish? See the pictures below. Here is an example of a calendar system that the teacher made with the finish over the item. Take a close look at the pretzel!  The pretzel is 5 years old (if I remember correctly from my discussion with Tammy). Look at how well it preserves the textures, color, etc. of the item. Plus they are water proof!! Our students can drool on them and can hold up against accidental drops in water or paint. 

Above: rug time symbol. 
Below: the actual rug. 
The team in this classroom used felt and made a replica of the actual rug. Look at how well they match up!

I loved this stuff! I definitely recommend you add it to your resource tool box. I am sure you can use this finish for other items but I thought it was a gem for creating calendar box symbols. Thanks to Tammy and her crew for letting me snap some shots and share this awesome find!!

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