Monday, October 20, 2014

White Cane Day 2014 Highlights

Happy White Cane Day Highlights! We had a great celebration here in Utah!!
Here's our 2014 White Cane Day t-shirt:
 Our activities? We headed out to the community and invited the community to learn about White Cane Day as well as reviewing stores in the City Creek Mall. Don't just read the highlights, make notes for your future celebration!

Thanks to our mobility instructor, Kari, we had a challenge to collapse and open a white cane. My son took this challenge personally and challenged every person he could find! 
 We had a community outreach table where you could get your name in Braille, see a regular print book and then its Braille counterpart, trivia and all kinds of fun stuff to learn about. 
 Thanks to Guiding Eyes puppy raisers, we had 5 stellar future guide dogs celebrate with us!

 I organized our students to award three awards: Customer Service, Vision and the Orientation and Mobility Award. They had to fill out criteria sheets and have some good group instruction lessons before selectively handing out the awards.

 A new group of guys came by for the white cane fold challenge:

 We offered food for our event but in order to have a snack, you had to put on the simulators and even grab a white cane (thanks to our mobility instructor for the idea!)

 Here's our busy tables teaching the community about White Cane Day.

We even made it into the local news:

All in all, we had 5 hours of community awareness and mobility instruction for White Cane Day 2014! It was another successful year. I can't wait for next year!!

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  1. I am not sure when you posted this, but I came across it the other day when I was looking for shirt ideas. I have a 12 year old son who has LCA. I also work at School for the blind here in Arkansas. I love this idea and would love to do this in our area. With all that is going on during this time we are restricted to what we can and cannot do. I hope I can reach out to you in the future when they release us from the leash. Thank you for this!