Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jimmy Has Magic on the Water

Jimmy has some serious magic on the water! Okay, I can't even begin with details about how awesome Jimmy is at waterskiing but here's my attempt. I messaged Kristi, Jimmy's mom, about getting some video of Jimmy because I thought it would be too fun to share with everyone. So quick recap of the amazing Jimmy. He has retinoblastoma, is a Braille reader,  and ADVENTURE should be his middle name!! 

Here's why I want you to see this: I hope you get the message that it's not about what our students see, it's about what they do! Parents, let's encourage your children to take on the world! It may be scary at first but there are great resources out there to help you, guide you and teach you how to do this. Students, do not let your vision determine what you can and cannot do. You may not be a waterskier like Jimmy but there is a lot of ability that stretches past your vision disability. 

Just in case you don't get that Jimmy has a vision impairment, let me tell you he is totally blind. He has been inquisitive, insightful and sharp as a tack since the day I met him as a preschool student. I told his mom when I first met to make sure she start working those ECC skills because I knew that this kid was going to go far in life. Remember, the ECC is what makes quality of life for our kids. She's taking that advice.  It's a challenge at times to recognize which ECC skills are deficient but Kristi can tell you that she takes it year by year as he grows up. I thought it would be fun to pick Kristi's brain and get ideas as she navigates life as a mom of the adventurous Jimmy. Look for her interviews and posts soon!!

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