Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Light Box Fun

Thanks again to my talented colleague Mary Quinn for another great idea! This one was inspired by me (well, at least the message that I took a picture of...). 
Can you uses what the message says?
 This is a standard light box. The fun items that Mary is using in this picture are regular window clings with plastic laminate as the backing (how genius is this?!). You can buy the window clings for seasons at just about every place. Let's face it, we are all heading to Dollar Tree because they have the best supply. 
The great idea about putting them on the laminate backings allow you to reuse clings with no worries. Mary actually cut up some old Braille label plastic sheets to make these (good for the environment too!). I knew I had to share her idea the moment she lit it up on my desk. Thanks Mary!

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