Sunday, March 2, 2014

Modified Team Handball Tutorial

I am SO excited to share this tutorial!! This is the modified team handball tutorial and this game is SO MUCH FUN! We have successfully played modified team handball several times with students as young as 2nd grade and with a range of vision impairments. We have had some dynamite totally blind youth and adults play this game with so much success. 
Our trial game of modified team handball 2012 at Girls Weekend

A few of the key points to remember: 
  • Use the numbered pinnies!! You need the numbers to help with the passing sequence and for the man-to-man defense. 
  • Practice the passing drills before playing a live game.
  • Use good communication between players ("Passing", "Got it!")
  • Have guides on the field (in the game) and as referees.
We play modified team handball with a beep kickball. We love this ball! It's light weight, good sound and has so many uses for different sports (including beep kickball---keep an eye out for that tutorial next!) Here's where you can buy your beep kickball: Judy, over at the National Beep Kickball Association, is a stellar lady who gives great customer service. 

We have played this game enough times to work out the bugs and modifications. Lots of our students have given great feedback to make this game fun and run smoothly.

This is the brainchild of Lauren Andersen and me with the vision modifications. Lauren does a great job of teaching on the tutorial. 

I would love to hear feedback about playing. Feel free to email me questions or feedback after you play. Our tutorial shows three players per team but we usually play with about 5 (max) per team. 


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