Saturday, January 4, 2014

Expanded Core Curriculum Resources

Hi friends,
This is one of those posts that I want you to check out and bookmark on your favorites page. I've been reading up on my ECC resources and could not believe that I have not shared some of these gems that are out there for the ECC!

First, have you checked out Pathways to Literacy? It's a known resource for teachers but I am just wondering if parents know about it, too. They also have a great page dedicated to the ECC. Here's the link:

Next, read this article from TSBVI: I really like this article. I recently read it again as I have been putting together some new ECC presentations. 

Last, go over to and get to the ECC page: This link takes you to a page with each area of the ECC in detail with commentary from the best of the best in our field. There's an audio link and transcript. Easy to read and very family friendly. Plus, it's a great quick reference for education teams that need a little ECC schooling. 

What are you still doing on my blog? Click on these links and get reading! You have some ECC schooling to get to. 

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