Sunday, August 5, 2012

More super finds at Target!

I was doing my usual walk through at Target and stumbled over to the back to school dollar bins and found another "super find"! I know we are in the middle of summer on vacation but have no fear, I am out finding good finds for the upcoming school year for you.
I saw these great little finds and thought they were perfect for calendar box systems. [Not know what calendar box systems are? I've blogged about it before so stop reading this little post and hop over and read about calendar box systems.] I also thought these finds were great for organization for preschoolers and great for sorting and sequencing for our MIVI/ASDVI students. 

Best part? The price ranges from $1-$2.50 in the dollar
 bin section at Target. 

These trays are great because they have a good size but they aren't too deep. They can also double as little work stations for our preschool crew.

Okay, this was a tougher pic to take because a lot of other things got in the way. I wanted to get a shot of all the different types of buckets. Sorry for visual clutter!

Perfect buckets for "finished" or "all done" boxes! The handle is also a little super find because it works as an attachment aid. I saw a teacher loop a nice fabric through the handle and attach it to their students' chair. I also liked that they had these in black. These are also great sorting buckets or "now" & "next" buckets. So many possibilities....

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