Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blind Race Athlete Kicks Spartan Race trash!

I read this blog post from a woman who completed the Spartan Race. Do you know what a Spartan Race is? It's an obstacle course race and it is quite a challenge. I am doing my first one this August and I have been training for it for forever. I read this woman's (who is legally blind) post and I loved her attitude and her Spartan accomplishment. 
Check it out:

Well done Heather! I am proud of you!!

11 of my students, myself and 9 other guides are running the New England Warrior Dash (another awesome obstacle course race!) this coming week. Make sure you check back because we are all going to blog about this amazing adventure we are doing. It's part of our first ever Outdoor Education class. I'll keep you posted!

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