Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From my students...about not getting a driver's license

I posted another question to my students: how do you deal with not getting a driver's license. I hope that every parent reading this softens their hearts on this topic. This has got to be on the top three most difficult trials for teens who are legally blind. Getting a driver's license is a right of passage for teenagers. I got mine at 16 and I didn't even have a car to drive! So when can't get sucks! My heart is tender for every time one of my low vision students get asked about it and I can see the look on their faces.

But as with every big trial, it's about how you handle it. Yes, it totally sucks that my students can't get a driver's license. No, it is not the end of the world. It's easier said than done to just tell your blind teens "not to worry about it". Parents, this is your time to step up. I know you work, have schedules, etc. but this is the one area that I would encourage you to step up and really support. I have several students who can't attend things because their parents don't drive them.

This is a topic that I can't learn about from other professionals. I took it to my students to teach me. I love their honesty, frustration and positive outlook. I love learning from them!

The rest of the blog is written by my awesome students. Hope everyone reads, learns and enjoys! (Sorry about the formatting. It was hard to copy from Facebook)

Robbin Keating:
I need your help writing another blog post! Here's the question: What advice do you have for parents about helping their kids with vision impairments deal with not getting a driver's license? How are you guys dealing with this?
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Savannah Carmack: Well, i actually just got my non drivers license and my mom made a big deal of it and it was almost as exciting as getting a real license. I think that any parent should know that their kid will talk to someone, It may not be them but we always find a way to make ourselves feel better.
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Leah Bourassa: I agree with savanah its difficult for both the parent and child yet you get through it theres other ways of transportation especailly good friends just think on the postitive side
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Brendon Field: This one is a toughie. For one thing, parents need to be completely committed to driving their kid around so they never are forced to miss anything for that. They need to reassure them that not having a car doesn't prohibit them from getting a job or attending social events. It also helps if you don't move to the middle of nowhere. Thanks mom and dad.
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Gwen Vartanian: Parents should help the child to look at not being able to do certain things in a positive way. Like driving, they won't have to pay, worry, and deal with driving costs. It's better for the planet!!!! It decreases driving death rates.etc. change the child's point of view from all the negatives into positives.
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Savannah Carmack: Yes i agree with brendon, the 1st thing 2 cross someones mind is that if u arn't able 2 get ur license then u hav no life.... Not so, i hav a mom, grandma, older brother, plenty of cousins and friends that hav all kindly offered 2 drive me somewhere. It makes the whole situation better and let humiliating.
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Savannah Carmack: And LESS humiliating.
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Robbin Keating: I love the answers but I still have a question about how do YOU guys deal with this sucky part of teenage years? How do you get through not having a driver's license?
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Leah Bourassa: well it is sucky yet you put your head up belive in the friends you have that do drive and family wish it was you behind the wheel and keep on pushing through
June 1 at 10:02pm · Like

Savannah Carmack: hm... idk, I kinda just deal with it..... :-D
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Brittany Bacote: well i think that you should keep your head up high and keep gong you will get throug it. Do not let anyone put you down jus keep puushing through it and people that love you can help you out. people alway told me to turn your negitive into a postive note.
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Brendon Field: Get through it, um, it honestly pisses me off to no end. I constantly feel like I'm helpless and part of my freedom as as a legal adult doesn't exist. It's just one of those things where you have to learn to bite the bullet.
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Robbin Keating: Brendon, I love your perspective. It IS hard, no question about that. However, you have to think location as well. Once you get to college, public transportation will be a different outlet for you. It's tough being legally blind and living in more country areas like your town. Plus, you never know. You may meet a hot girl who ends up being your gf and can drive you guys!! It's hard though, love your honesty!!
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*Feel free to comment or email me a question for my students to comment or answer. They love writing for me and usually ask when they can do it again! Most of these students also participate in my Big Brother/Big Sister Project and mentor younger students with a vision impairment.

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