Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunscreen for Albinism

Hello blogland, this week I am happy to share the work of one of my students, Gwen V., a high school student in Connecticut. Gwen has Albinism and beyond that, is a talented artist, funny, smart and has decided to be part of the solution with me in an effort to collect sunscreen for people with Albinism in Tanzania.

For those of you who do not know, people with Albinism living in the country of Tanzania do not have access to sunscreen. Can you imagine having a condition like Albinism and living in a rather sunny place like Tanzania? Although there are other issues facing people with Albinism in Tanzania, the issue of sunscreen is the one I have chosen to support.

From now until the end of the summer at every program that I supervise for my students, I will be collecting as much sunscreen as I can (SPF 50 or higher, lotion preferred).

Gwen became aware of the sunscreen issue shortly after I started this new initiative. She stepped up to the challenge to collect the sunscreen. I am proud to blog that she has started her own Facebook page, Sunscreen for Albinism, to support the collection efforts. She has taken her personal cause to her family, friends, school and community. How could I not blog about this??

This is a great example of skills straight out of the good ol' ECC---self-determination & self-advocacy just to name a couple.

Please support us and efforts to collect sunscreen for people with Albinism living in Tanzania. Our collection will be sent to Tanzania via the Under the Same Sun organization.

Way to go Gwen!!

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