Friday, December 17, 2010

Another fun holiday project

I saw this project at my friend's home today and had a lightbulb go off when I saw it: IDEA!! She made this super cute holiday mobile and I thought we could tweak this to make it a fun (and accessible) holiday project.

Here's how you can make it:

1. Grab some fabric of different textures and/or contrasting colors
2. Look for object to attach. I love how she used shiny oranaments (are you CVI parents thinking what I'm thinking....)
3. Get bells or anything that makes sounds to attach as well (think windchimes...)
4. Use sensory objects such as peppermints, candycanes, holly leaves that smell, ornaments with fun textures to attach.

You can hang them in a doorway, in the corner, by the door or anywhere your child can find them.

Have fun with this! Customize it based on your child's vision needs and sensory preferences. I thought this would be great for a range of our students. You can also use other colors if you don't celebrate traditional Christmas. This is a great activity for children of all abilities. Merry Christmas!

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