Friday, March 24, 2017

Cheat Sheets for Teachers on the ECC

Hi friends, This week I am talking about some Expanded Core handouts that I made for my teachers. I spent a lot of time with a variety of teachers from outreach (or itinerant) to our deafblind teachers and listened to how they explained the Expanded Core. I noticed that they had a grasp on the ECC but seemed to have trouble with having the ECC points quick to say. I spent time with our support staff and realized that they also had the same issue. I am so proud of all my colleagues because they have been working so hard at learning the Expanded Core. I thought about how I could continue to support them and viola! I created some cheat sheets that they could use to explain the Expanded Core and have as a quick reference. 
I have two cheat sheets. One has points about the ECC such as why we need it, how to implement, how others can teach ECC areas and a bit about the nine areas. The other is dedicated to a synopsis of each of the nine areas of the ECC. I spent time on all our great sites such as Paths to Literacy, ECC Advocacy and TSBVI to create the best synopsis of each area. 
These handouts are also useful for sharing with education teams and families. Our TCVIs (teachers for children with vision impairments) must be able to convey why we must teach the ECC to parents and education teams. I find that many good teachers can't express it successfully and as a result, there's not much support for ECC instruction. I hope my cheat sheets help our teachers and support staff continue to develop their understanding of the ECC and help them get everyone else on board. I am happy to share my cheat sheets. You can email me at and I will send you a copy. 

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